KheloMore: Facilitating Sports Participation And Performance Excellence

CIO Vendor An average Indian youngster today has two major passions - sports and technology. And the beautiful thing is that technology, today, has emerged as a steady foundation upon which the sports industry is building, expanding and utilizing the youth and their sporty capabilities and interests. Sports organizations, academies, clubs and coaches have begun to realize the infinite possibilities that technology can bring to sport and are leveraging this as best as they can. They are using technology to help improve games; understand techniques better; facilitate skill training and use it to connect people. There are many digital platforms that are using data points to understand fans’ interactions with apps, physical actions and a way to connect aspiring players with best academies.

KheloMore has built an all pervasive platform that targets and helps users who wish to master a sport, right from desire to discovery, to helping them excel

This is where KheloMore comes in. Founded in 2017 by Jatin Paranjape, a former Indian cricketer and former Sports Marketing head of Nike India, KheloMore was formed with a vision to convert sports viewers into sports participants through encouraging maximum sports participation amongst young Indians. This digital platform, the first of its kind ever, has perfect understanding of what is required by a sportsperson, a coach and a parent; bringing them all together online for an exceptional performance off-line.
Speaking of the sports technology market in India, Ujwal Deole, COO, KheloMore, says, “There are more than 35 crore Indians who want to play some form of sport and are looking for an effective way of finding the best of coaches, facilities, running event and quality equipment closest to them. These 35 crore Indians are either in the age group of 5 to 16 who are trying to discover a sport or trying to get better at a sport or are 18 plus adults who are looking to play recreational sports or tournaments.”

“Striving to meet this need across both age groups, KheloMore has built an all pervasive platform that targets and helps users who wish to master a sport, right from desire to discovery, to helping them excel, and through that process, we provide value to our customers,” he adds.

Imagine young parents, moving into a new city because of their job. They have a child, good at sports; at least was in the previous school and had reached a certain level. What would they want for their child? A step upwards in coaching? Of course! Imagine another set of young parents who want their child to play a sport, but don’t know what or where? KheloMore just made their search easy.

A forward-thinking digital strategy, KheloMore can thus not only help to transform viewers into participants but also ease up an aspirant’s search according to their wish list and provide them with wholesome sports related services, all in an attempt to centralize sports coaching across the country. For this, KheloMore routinely on-boards some of the best known coaches, academies, training facilities, counsellors, fitness experts and nutritionists; while also facilitating marathons and tournaments. This simple and user-friendly app has a player/user profile section to track past bookings and progress, ratings and reviews of the coaches and academies, a pay & play platform for turf bookings, interesting blogs and a strong customer phone line.

With its unique sports technology offerings, KheloMore has not only created a disruption in the B2B and B2C segments but has also carved a niche for itself in this domain. Moving forward, the company intends to add new modules to its platform to enable all the stakeholders involved to digitize their functions as well as expand its user base further into the country.