Technopolis: Offering Customizable Skill Gaming And Sports Tech Solutions

CIO Vendor The global Sports Technology market is undergoing a rapid growth. The improvement in audience engagement, increasing importance of data-driven operations, emergence of professional leagues, and digitalization of sports are driving the adoption of sports technology. How do you see this market evolving in India?
The sports technology market was valued at USD 8.9 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 31.1 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 20.63 percent during the forecast period. The APAC region is expected to grow at the highest rate during this period and later too, especially with the popularity of professional leagues, technology driven online applications and offerings like Dream11 and major sports organizations like the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) taking major initiatives to use smart technologies for hosting major international and domestic tournaments. Hardware like the latest wearable devices allow hands-free operations, real-time data monitoring, network communication, and data analytics. All these technological benefits are driving the overall sports technology market.

What are the major expectations from a Sports Technol- ogy solution provider? How does Technopolis LLC strate- gize to meet and exceed these expectations?
As always with any industry where technology plays a key role, the latest tech needs to be incorporated as part of a company’s product vision. With a peppering of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, the industry’s tools and techniques have exponentially grown in the past few years. Since any sport is a highly competitive setting where players and teams develop and implement several strategies with the aim of winning, Technopolis offers cutting edge customizable solutions in the field of skill gaming and sports tech.

How is Technopolis positioned in this sector? Kindly give us an overview of your offerings in this segment.
As technology providers, we do boast of a quite big market share. We offer a host of digital and technology solutions to deliver enhanced connectivity, content, and mobile experiences on sports event days. We power competition (league and tournament) management applications that assist in setting up and managing competitions and also provides real time insights in frequency of play, retention, and growth of players.

Skill Game Solutions like varied fantasy sports which we offer, is a business model that proves to be strong in terms of revenue and it ensures earnings through advertisements, contest sponsorship, brand partnerships, and entry fees. India alone has currently more than 70 million fantasy sports users across 10-15 platforms and it is expected to grow to 120 million users by 2020.

What are the major factors that differentiate your com- pany from your competitors providing similar solutions?
The versatility and scalability of our technology solutions, solutions that facilitate a seamless shift from outdated to new technology. Our heads are not buried in the sand, and we are open to any customization that the client or the market requires – it is the comprehensive, productive big bang for your buck.

How do you meet the demands of the clients through ver- satility and scalability of your gaming software Androm- eda Platform?
The Andromeda platform was primarily built to facilitate a host of skill games like Poker, fantasy sports, and Rummy across all channels, devices, and marketplaces. Then came the time when even public companies and reputed financial institutions from India and abroad began investing big time into online Poker, Rummy and fantasy sports here, which opened the floodgates to the expansion that we see now.

In several cases, with the advent of new, more secure and smart tech, we had to go back to the drawing board, and that is a part and parcel of any
Our core platform is quite versatile, scalable and among the most robust in this domain.

How do you ensure that the clients are always up-to-date in their gaming business? How do you resolve technical problems and the disputes related to the gaming software?
Technopolis has a strong business and marketing arm as well, which actually helps to bring targeted customers to our clients’ gaming sites effectively increasing return on investments (ROI) and boosting their online gaming profits. We actually help clientele out with their business plans, marketing plans, strategy and implementation.

A case in point is the new skill games venture Sixerz Gaming launched by a client and serial entrepreneur Chiranjiv Singh Gill, in Chandigarh. We have actually gone the extra mile by helping in hiring a good team for them apart from the software provision and marketing and business development support. It works far better this way forgiving our startup clients that much needed edge.

Usually the technical problems faced by some of our clientele are security-related; for example, massive DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks or poor connectivity-related issues. We have tried to be a step ahead of these and have put in place a state-of-the-art technology to ward off attacks and other security related issues. As far as connectivity is concerned, our solutions run even on 2G. Such is the level of our commitment to resolve existing bottlenecks in the industry and increase the reach.

How do you train the clients on risk management and its aspects and implementation? Elaborate on your games support services.
We have a training schedule and itinerary for all onboarding clients. It actually begins the day we say Hello! We have training plans and schedules for the clients’ games teams, their Customer support team, their finance and analysis teams including risk management aspects and implementation in a major way that includes SOPs, spreadsheets, case studies and process flows. Tackling Game Related Fraud like collusion, money dumping, bonus/TAF abuse and BOTS [software programs designed to simulate or behave like a real person] is a pressing challenge in the industry. Multiple accounts, invalid information, misuse of information, financial disinformation; the list goes on.

The versatility and scalability of our technology solutions facilitate a seamless shift from outdated to new technology

Our system is adept at UCID (Unique Computer Identification) and IP Checks, geo-tagging as well as extensive fraud scrubs, chat abuse and disconnection protection. Our client customer service team actually consists of our Business Head, Tech Head, UI/UX Head and Marketing Head. I am very much involved with the process. My Business Head, Trish Kunath and my Tech Director Susheel Reddy are a part and parcel of each interaction. This makes the client onboarding quite seamless.
Please tell us about your current projects in this land- scape. What are your upcoming projects or expansion plans?
Apart from our host of global clientele for our technology solutions and services, here is something interesting: we are involved currently with ramping up of our gaming networks in Latin America as well as the United States with Poker and Fantasy Sports. We are turnkey partners here and it is the right way to go. The US enterprise,, works with a novel business and financial model in gaming which actually falls within the legal purview of the gaming laws there and would be quite an interesting development. We are also involved in Poker, Rummy and Fantasy Sports for a couple of clients in India at the moment, and they are both in the midst of a Series A influx which we are helping them with.

Is there any message that you would like to pass on to any new entrant to this industry?
Plan strategically, embrace change, be metric driven, test often, and use innovation to stand out from the crowd!