Sportseed: Offering Innovative Sports Tech Platform For Talent Identification And Education

CIO Vendor In the past, sports training required extensive paperwork and post-practice effort. While the athlete practiced, notes and video taken and collated into charts and graphs represented the athlete’s performance. After practice, trainer and athlete worked together discussing aches, pains, and thoughts about physical movements that happened much earlier. The system was gruelling but worked as far as athletes and trainers knew. That is until recent technology transformed the field of sports training. Advanced technology has become smaller, more resilient, and less burdensome over recent years, paving the way for new opportunities. Sports Development is one of the cardinal areas that have undergone differential changes due to advanced sports technology.

In contrast to most of the sports technology platforms that are based on B2C model, ours is a B2B platform which facilitates the enablement of technology for sports education institutions

And while India is at the cusp of sports revolution, technologies that can recognize and hunt the talents have become the nerve-center. From Sports education to talent identification with reduced on-site human intervention, sports technologies are changing the sports segment right from the grassroots level to fulfilling the Olympics dream. Delhi based company, Sportseed is trailblazing these attempts very closely with its solutions and services. Sportseed is a Sports Education and Consultancy company which uses Olympic sport-based stage-appropriate curriculum to improve sports talent in the country.
“In contrast to most of the sports technology platforms that are based on B2C model, ours is a B2B platform which facilitates the enablement of technology for sports education institutions. It enables data collection and measurement of various fitness parameters and performance records of the students. We have also created a learning platform for trainers, helping them improve their skills and follow a structured program that can run like an academic education,” says Sudhanshu Fadnis, Founder, Sportseed.

The Expanded Functionalities
Being an ‘on-ground’ company that is in direct contact with the beneficiary – be it, children, youth, coaches and parents, Sportseed uses technology to strengthen that contact through its innovative platforms.

Several enterprises are lined up to deliver innovative sports technologies to its end users, yet seldom do such companies come up with newer institutional programs (like health and fitness sponsorships, HR initiatives on leadership and team building) involving tech platforms in the sports arena. This is where Sportseed’s online Sports Education Learning Management System (SELMS) is positioned as an initiative to create content and training platform for the trainers to be deployed in the client schools.

With an expanded functionality of student assessments, parent reports, scheduling of curriculum lesson plans and time-tabling of sports in schools, SELMS has become an inevitable and powerful tool that provides need-based content on the go to the schools, helps remove necessity for hiring additional trainers (and therefore save significant costs) for schools, provides excellent parent engagement in sports with the schools, that inspires parents to get interested in sports education of their child (just as they do in academic education), and lastly, SELMS provides analytics at individual, school, cluster, region, and national level to help improve fitness and activity levels of children, as well as identify and develop sports talent – from individual to national level.

Strategically Designed Sports Education
Sportseed provides an elaborate and unified platform of services that enable stakeholders to offer the best sports program on their campus that fires the best aced sports dreams. These offerings are vertically designed sports curriculum, rather than horizontal age-based. Flexibility in lesson planning is strategically kept in place which in turn provides the ability to do customizations as per requirements of Sportseed’s clients.