Games91: Bolstering the i-Gaming Community by Leveraging Innovative Dealer Relationship Centre Model

CIO Vendor The landscape of Indian sports gaming is continually evolving over the past two decades with the growth propelled largely by surge in digital usage. The ubiquity of smartphones, better and cheaper internet connectivity and now the onset of Covid-19 pandemic that enforced social-distancing have only increased online gaming activity exponentially. The comparatively newer fantasy segment is also witnessing rapid growth in the last three years. While there is massive untapped potential in this sector, challenges such as limited local games development as most Indian vendors are still focused on developing standard games and monetisation of gamer(s) is still what is hindering India reaching its predicted high potential.

Expertly addressing the aforementioned challenges and making significant contributions towards the growth of this sector is Mumbai headquartered Games 91 that has been recognized as one of India’s leading online fantasy sports & skilled gaming platform in real money games and has launched a profitable and novel Dealer Relationship Centre (“DRC”) model. In a short span of time, the platform was able to rake near to a million Indian users.

“We are a young start-up trying to create a Dealer Relationship Centre and everlasting footprint by creating a novel and a first DRC model with a valiant sales & distribution model. We are creating a paradigm shift in the Indian i gaming industry and are creating new and bigger milestones and benchmarks with every step we take. The DRC Model is unique which connects players and dealers,” says Anuj Tyagi, Managing director and CEO of Games91. The model has been designed and developed using the relationship and connectivity concept where a distributor appoints a dealer and the dealer on-boards players in his local area and also through his family and friends. “We have also created a collaborative approach as per industry norms and gaming stakeholders to create a baseline technical guidelines and innovative games to adopt and utilize in an appropriate and
aggressive manner,” adds Swapnil Shaha Director and Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to this, the company, attempting to avoid the cookie-cutter approach adopted by most vendors, is building new local games like kabaddi, chess, hockey and the likes in tandem with the standard games such as football and cricket that are currently available in the Indian market.

Increasing Customer-base
Bringing about a paradigm shift in the i-gaming domain, Games91 ventured out into this industry nine months ago. Being a recent entrant in this market, the company already commands quite the market presence and is operational in 14 states with 160 DSP and over 1200 active Dealers (total dealers signed are over 4000) and are growing day by day. In fact, while users are increasingly turning to i-gaming to keep the Covid-19 anxiety at bay, Games91 added almost hundred thousand new users in the last two months. Nikhil Bohra, Head of Strategy and a Director with Games91, credits all these achievements majorly to the team of dedicated, steadfast, experienced, and young individuals with online gaming enthusiasm who are using business logic as strength to improve the company performance.

We are creating a paradigm shift in the Indian i gaming industry and are creating new and bigger milestones and benchmarks with every step we take

Gearing up for the bright future this industry holds, Swapnil concludes with his plans for Games91 in the coming years, “We will create a distribution network for i-gaming so that we can connect to each user seamlessly. Also, we are creating a unique platform on which any game developer or gaming company can partner with us on a revenue-sharing model thus giving our existing users more games through our application.”