RotoBash: Completely Revolutionizing the Sports Gaming Space

CIO Vendor Today, we are witnessing a good amount of traction in the sports technology space in India. And, fueling its growth would be WFH/stay at home becoming a new normal, increasing sports activity/events, increasing sports viewership, increasing penetration of technology and also the significant amount of growth in the young fan base.

If we look at gaming platforms today, there are a couple of parameters which users expect. Firstly, users would be looking for exciting gaming options/contests which will be appealing to users gaming intellect, skills and knowledge which can simulate competitiveness and thrill of winning real games. Second would be the complete transparency of mechanics of games such as points system, scoring, competitive teams, ranking, winners and financial transactions (transaction history, TDS, winning transfers). And lastly, users also expect a robust support service where they can seamlessly raise queries and seek quick resolution.

Hence, understanding every aforementioned parameters and including it in the same way, a company who has been offering Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge is RotoBash based out of Mumbai. The company has been founded by professionals from fields as diverse as engineering, management, medical and healthcare, who are mainly drawn together by their common love and passion for the game of cricket. They have developed a unique fantasy sports platform providing improved and un-matched new experience to Indian fans in fantasy cricket. “We want to provide our users the best in fantasy gaming, best in gaming content, resulting in best in class gaming experience, excitement and thrill of winning,” signifies Arvind Kumar, Director of the company.

Offering users a Premium Gaming Experience
Generally, if we look at the current market players, there are portals which
only offer classic leagues, which can be broadly categorised into two. One is that users can’t play live along with a live real match and have to select a team prior to the start of a match. While another would be the unconstrained point system, where points are granted to a selected team irrespective of number of balls/over faced, with no regards to an innings limit.

Hence, unlike the other portals in the market who offer only a single type of pre-set game with all these above limitations and challenges, RotoBash offers four different types of preset games - Max Score, Max Boundary, Fast Score and Max Bash - which offers unique engaging contests, scoring transparency, daily automatic withdrawal of winning price balance to their accounts, complete transaction history, and 24/7 customer support.

RotoBash's preset game called Fast Score where users have to reach a set target score in the least number of balls faced by its team

If we look at Max Bash, users can play live and be active during the live matches, thus extending the excitement of playing the game all through the progression of live matches. Also, users can watch the match broadcast, and adjust its team batting order in the app in time to maximize its team score. RotoBash’s another preset game is called Fast Score where users have to reach a set target score in the least number of balls faced by its team. Also, the balls faced will be counted as per its set batting order in the app. RotoBash’s Max Score game can be played by users where the person with the maximum score will win. While, MAx Boundary is a little variant of scoring, where teams are scored only for the boundaries.

“Next, we are planning on offering other popular sports like Soccer, and NBA, and also launch the app in other geographies as well in the near future,” concludes Arvind.